NAS device disappears

I have a COMCAST cable modem combo with an Eero mesh network bridged…my Synology NAS device is attached to the eero netowrk…every few hours even when i have internet access working finethe NAS storage disappears…if i restart everything it starts to work temporarily…
any thoughts

Without knowing the exact topology and config of your setup: Could it be the NAS is connected to one of the Eeros and this one has an unstable connection to the other Eeros?
Has the COMCAST cable modem also routing capabilities? Just asking, as you said you use your Eero in bridged mode.
How and, if connected by ethernet, with which device is your NAS connected in your network?

NAS device going to sleep?

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Eeros claims their network is working fine…the cable model is also a router…my guess is there is a conflict arising…because when I restart the system it shows up again

The Nas is connected to the Eros by ethernet.
The Eros is connected to the cable model through ethernet

Hi @David_Lemont ---- Thank you for the report and the continued feedback, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, out of curiosity have you tried (temporarily of course) moving the NAS off the Eero device and mount it directly to your router in order to verify if the experience is any different?