NAS Drives information

Maybe this does not belong here, but I will leave that up to you. Currently I am running ROON off a dedicated PC only being used for Music. When I put this new system together I had to start somewhere, consisting of a Simaudio Moon Integrated, Lumin D2, Revel F208’s. I already had this dedicated PC in place I used for Jriver and Bluos testing. So that was the starting point with ROON using the that PC, and its internal harddrive for both a Music File and ROON. It works OK but I assume is not the best setup. The drive was setup as a shared drive prior, and ROON just found it and off it worked.

I do have a network WD MyCloudEX2 with Red drives, being just used for backing up several computers including the Music one. Could this be a good possible NAS source for the Music Files, to be used with ROON ? Can you tell me if this can be made to share with ROON ?

The whole NAS setup I will admit I am a little week on.

Any other suggestions with what I am currently using or other thoughts appreciated.



If you already having a working setup and are not running into any performance issue or limitation, there is no need to have a major change, except that you should have the Roon database placed in a SSD (in case you don’t already have it) in the Roon Core PC, and the PC should have no less than 8GB RAM.

AS in adding a second drive to this PC ? What is in there now is a standard hard disc. To clarify for my limited skills, what should be where ? The WIn 10 system, Music Files and ROON should be on what/where ?

Thanks for responding,

If your Windows 10 PC only has a traditional HDD, then you should add an internal SSD to the PC, perhaps 250GB for Roon database to speed things up. This assumes you continue to run Roon on Windows 10.

If your music files are exclusively for Roon use, then it’s best placed locally on the PC, either on an internal drive or an external drive. If you don’t mind the additional cost you can even have the Roon database and the music library placed on the same (larger size) SSD (but not possible if you run ROCK in the future instead of Windows, as ROCK requires separate drives for Roon database and music files).

If your music files have to be shared with other purposes on the network, then they can reside in your NAS, you’ll need to configure Roon on Windows 10 to read the music files from the NAS.

In case of the exernal drive, are we thinking a external vis USB to the PC ? If so is there not some disadvantage to going USB ?

Would you just leave everything but ROON and music files on the HDD and have 2 drives in PC.

Internal drive is preferred to USB drive. Some USB drives can be less stable in some hardware setup.

Any preferred SSD brands to add to my existing HDD for ROON and Music Files ? ?

You may use a reputable brand that you’re comfortable with, or you can see what others are using. Do not buy the cheapest units from brands you’ve not heard of. Depends on whether your PC has m.2 slot, whether it’s NVMe compatible, and whether you plan to move to ROCK on NUC in the future, you need to decide between m.2 and 2.5".

Thanks Peter I followed your link which lead to support, which I never thought to do, and took some of this info and poised a new question there. Thanks.