NAS File Path Problem After Sonic Transporter I5 Update

I am currently using a QNAP NAS TS-221 for music storage; a Sonic Transporter I5 with Roon Core and Sonore UPnP Bridge to stream to a NAIM 172XS - 5915 Streaming Preamplifier and have no problems with the set up.

2 days ago I updated the Sonic Transporter to version 2.6 and problems started. Using Roon I could use TIDAL problem free but my library consisted only of saved TIDAL albums. I checked ROON/Storage settings to find that my Music Folder details had gone.

I have been trying to recreate the folder pathway but constantly get Error Messages in red boxes. I have been following the the formats advised in the Getting Started guidelines but to no avail.

Problem solved by using the QNAP IP address in the file path…

Check out the topic linked below. I have the same problem, and despite Andrew’s best attempts a root cause couldn’t be found. I ended up using the IP address of the NAS box in the Roon settings to get the music library connected and working again.

I have now solved my problem using the QNAP IP address…Thanks for the tip.

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