NAS folder play feature in menu

It might be a long passed discussion, but I guess I’m not the only Roon user who has a lot of music on a NAS. Therefore it would be nice to have the option to play music right form the folder content. Regardless of the genre tags. Roon already scans the NAS content folders, why not make the folder content as a playlis basis?

There are only 2 things we feel so strongly about that we will not even entertain the idea of implementing: folder browsing and UPnP/DLNA streaming.

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Ah, a no go zone. I thought it was all for the love of music. The rips of my own CD’s in this case. This ban does not feel good. It’s called tube vision in Holland. Or is it a money vision in this case?

What are you on about?
You can get to your ripped CDs but not through folder browsing.

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Folder browsing is so… 1990s. Roon provides a much richer way to browse your music.

Opinion or fact?

Use a playlist or focus with a bookmark perhaps…