NAS for Roon, Synology or QNAP?

In mainland China, the recommanded system of QNAP X73 are difficult to buy, and I personally think there are another choice is Synology 918+ and QNAP 453B, would you recommend which one? Thanks

I would keep in mind that the Intel Celeron Processor that is in both of those models has significantly less performance than the i3 that is recommended for use with Roon, so you could potentially bump into problems using those models. Something like a QNAP TVS-472XT would probably be more around the performance that you’re looking for. And it’s also worth noting that you would want the Roon server running on SSD storage.

Unless you have further use for the NAS as a host for various purposes, i’d recommend a NUC or similar micro-PC for hosting the Roon Core. The QNAP does just fine, but like Cody says, the suitable ones should have more than a Celeron and then they tend to be rather costly.
I run my Core on a TS-470 Pro, with a Gen3 i5T CPU, which works splendidly, but buying new would have been rather costly,

TKS. now i run the core on my imac, it’s ok, but need to keep imac on for 24hrs or swich on imac every time. so try to find another way to run the core. there’s no qnap X72 to buy in mainland china.

TKS for you reply and suggestion, just try to find a suiteble NAS for roon. there’s no qnap X72 to buy in mainland china.

QNAP 453B will be fine for Roon unless you are planning to do some complicated DSP functions.

I saw one on Taobao fro RMB4,999. But just one seller from I’ve seen.