NAS Issue - "Unable detach Volume" [Solved]

Hello again,

Problem seems that comes & goes. I haven’t realised yet when exactly happens but it happens.
The exact error message is: “Unable detach volume”
The same mount (smb:// is mounted normally if you try through Finder in MacOS but it isn’t reachable through Roon at the same time!
Can you please help?

Hi @impeth ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I’ve made this a new topic.

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup, as seen here.

  2. A description of your network configuration / topology, providing insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing as well.

  3. You mention that this problem “comes & goes”. Can you think of any patterns or behavior that cause this to occur? Furthermore, what is your usual method of restoring the connection to the NAS in Roon?


Hello Eric, thank you for your attention!

  1. I am running on Roon 1.2 (build 161) on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 on mac mini (late 2012, Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM). Music is stored on WDMyCloud 4TB NAS (about 6400 files of all types, mainly FLAC & AIFF).

  2. Both Mac & NAS are connected wired through an ASUS DSL-N17U router through gigabit ethernet. ASUS is running on latest firmware ( & WDMyCoud as well (v04.04.04-101).

  3. Last time I noticed that it happened after wake-up from sleep state. Note that at the same time that Roon is unable to connect, if you try through Finder to connect to the same smb share folder, it is feasible. Mac reboot is always solving the issue.

Please let me know if you need any further info. Thank you!

Hi @impeth ------ Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to answer my questions/share your observations with me :sunglasses:

Can you please verify for me when this does happen if you ever get popups in OSX letting you know your share was disconnected and offering to ignore it?


No, this is not the case.
Today I discovered that it connects normally during first run but fails if you close Roon app & reopen it on MacOS. Then the “Unable detach volume” message appears. After a reboot all works normal again but only for the first time that Roon runs! It seems to be a very strange behavior…

Hi @impeth ----- Thanks for the follow up! Can you verify the amount of time between launches based on this behavior you noticed?

“Today I discovered that it connects normally during first run but fails if you close Roon app & reopen it on MacOS.”


I think it is irellevant from the amount of time. Only the first time after boot Roon runs normally!

Hi @impeth ---- My apologies for the slow response here, thank you for your patience. I had a chance to meet with my developers today and brought this issue up in our discussion.

I have been doing a bit of research into the NAS device you are using (WDMyCloud) and came across an article containing information about the device having a sleep setting built into it’s interface. My gut is telling me that this is causing the problem here as the device is not being rediscovered after it has sat for a period of time.

My suggestion right now would be to disengage this sleep setting and see if the device’s performance with Roon improves. If not, let us know and we can take another look at this, or you can proceed with the work around you have been using.


Hello Eric,

Thank you for your attention! I was experimenting with no chance with disabling the sleep setting of WDMyCloud. But at the same time I changed from DHCP to static IP the address of the device and this seems to work even with the sleep mode on. I will experiment a little more & come back with my conclusion.

Thank you,

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Hello again Eric,

The problem seems that has gone away since last configuration change from DHCP to static IP address in WDMyCloud. But note that this was not the case under El Capitan and previous Roon builds!
I believe that this problem came up after a many changes in OS & Roon in combination with hardware in any case.
Anyway, I am happy to find that it was only this and that now works perfectly, like before.
Thank you for your actions!