I’ve a Synology 214SE 6gb, with my music files stored on it. I’ve also a MBP with 128gb SSD. Can I use just the NAS or would it be better to use the MBP? Currently, the NAS is connected to my Oppo105.

Not much choice, I’m afraid: since you Synology sports a Marvell Armada 370 CPU, it won’t run RoonServer (RS needs an x86 CPU).

Your MBP will most likely be fine, if it has an i5/i7 CPU inside. Be sure to use wired networking if you want to steer clear of the unpredictabilities of Wifi (if you are using a separate zone/endpoint, your MBP will have to both pull in the data from the NAS and push it out again).

Thanks for your help. The MBP is an i5. It’s all connected with Ethernet, as I can’t stand the flakiness of wifi, especially for music.

I’m currently using an iMac as the core in my study, with the music on the NAS but now want to migrate to my main listening room. If I use my MBP, will I still be able to manage my music from the iMac, as well?

One word (and a few more for the 10 word limit ;-)): yes.

I didn’t know there was a ten word limit…great!

Come to think of it: it’s probably 10 chars. Same difference. :slight_smile:

O h t h e r e y o u h a v e i t :sunglasses: