NAS packages with 1.2

I’m in the market for a new NAS now, and was wondering if it’s possible to get confirmation if Roon core is on the radar to be ported to QNAP or Synology packages when 1.2 comes out, or even some time after that ?.

Some of the higher end NAS’s will have (in my view) enough processing power for small to medium sized libraries, which will save me having to buy a NAS and a separate server for Roon core. I know it’s possible to virtualize Windows on a QNAP for example, but I’d of course prefer a native package.

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A good point, well made. I would like to know this as well.

I mean, for me …this makes perfect sense. As all my data, including music will be stored on the NAS. So I would get the best of both world’s with local storage for the core, and also no need to buy another server. Just need a couple of inexpensive endpoints.