NAS Recommendation (Will Not Have ROCK)

Currently, our music is on a USB drive attached to NUC (i7) which contains ROCK.

I plan on buying a NAS (such as Synology, QNAP, etc) with two 4TB drives (RAID). I do not plan to move ROCK from its current location on the NUC. The NAS would be rooms away (via ethernet) attached to the router.

I then shall rip CDs and DVDs (incl BlueRay) to the NAS. Synology makes a NAS with the name “Play”.

Anyone’s recommendation for, or against, a specific NAS would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

If that’s all you are using it for any NAS should do. I have QNAP (a legacy from my Sooloos days) but Synology make good NAS as well.

Do you need transcoding of video? How much extra do they charge for that functionality and would you use it?

NAS cannot run ROCK. They run the Linux version of RoonServer.

The base guidelines for any RoonServer (including NAS) is for an i3 Intel processor.

Thank you. That’s why I was asking if anyone had a specific model that they preferred. Some NAS have distinctly negative reviews (largely based upon their frustration in setup or a failed unit).

I do not know to what extent I would store video on the drive(s).

As I noted: “I do not plan to move ROCK from its current location on the NUC.” It works without flaw in that location.

Can’t go wrong with Synology plus range - 218+ if you only need two bays.

Do you know the difference between 218 and 218+. QNAP has a package of two 4TB already configured.

My recommendation would be to choose a NAS with at least 3 bays. You can then choose to have a redundancy with far better chances to survice a disk crash than with 2 discs only.
The problem is: a crash will happen someday , and one never checks/replaces a disk before an actual crash.

IIRC the plus has more powerful processor - it’ll be on Synology website. QNAP is also very good. Make sure you are getting enterprise drives, not regular desktop hard drives though.

My Synology 214play runs in Synology’s version of Raid so drives have redundancy and are hot-swappable.

Yes they do, but you can achieve a better ROI with 3 disks

As an example, with Synology, using SHR as Raid configuration, with 3 disks of 2 TB, you can have full redundancy with 4TB available for data.|2%20TB|2%20TB


Absolutely - but also a bigger $ outlay!

Yep, absolutely true.
But I have had the case using a 2disk NAS configured in Raid 5, my 2 disks crashed at the same time (after a very long period , I believe 5-6 years) . I have learnt the hard way that a redundant NAS is not a backup. It can come close, but one should always have an extra backup, and reduce potential problems as much as one can.
Costs are a consequence of that.

Thank you very much. There goes my plan to use floppy discs.


Totally - I also have regular backup to external HDDs. My NAS drives are about 5 years out, and I am getting nervous and am keeping a very close eye on them for bad sectors. I’ll probably replace it all at some point after the zombie apocalypse.

I have a Synology DS416play. I love it. I originally had it set up with 4X3TB drives but now switching over to 8TB drives (currently 2@3TB and 2@8TB). Setup with Synology Hybrid Raid. Even switching to new drives was dead simple, although it took a while.
It’s a real workhouse for the house. I used to use it to serve music directly to Roon but got an internal drive in the Nuc when I went to ROCK. The Synology does one version of backup and also serves as a temporary landing pad when I import new music (which I manage with JRiver).
I never had any problems using it for Roon, and I’d say it’s just a touch slower than the internal drive in the Nuc. The Nuc is just a bit snappier, but there isn’t a real lag, per se, from the NAS.