NAS/Streamer Based Dropout


I was in touch last year regarding this same issue…consistent (several times a day) connection dropout and needed to do some diagnostic and wait for our fiber optic service to be installed to be sure I could isolate the issue. In a nutshell, we lose signal on local data driven music…an itunes library living on our NAS and streamed through BelCanto amps and streamers. We do not have dropout with DAB based signal, and my IT guy has run a diagnostic on the NAS and the network and it’s all airtight. Does any of this sound familiar?

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First of all, is everything (Roon Core, NAS and streamer) wired by network cable instead of going through WiFi or powerline network adapter?

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All is wired including the primary speakers. The only Wi-Fi elements in the system are three pair of RAAT speakers in remote locations and my iTunes account, which is on a Wi-Fi laptop which feeds my music database on the NAS.

As mentioned, dropout only seems to be from the NAS based music and not the external streamed music.

One thought…as I’m running Quobuz and Tidal, can they influence the signal when integrating with the local music database?



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This sounds dodgy. What do you mean by “feeds my music database”?

Where does Roon Core run? Generally speaking, Roon Core has issues with music databases that live on NAS systems (you can search the forum for extensive discussion of this problem).

Which endpoints experience the dropouts? How are they connected to the Core?

It’s a little tricky and I had to refresh, but I’m not entirely there, and my installer in London is not working at the moment: my Roon Nucleus is connected by USB to a high-end (Nagra/Stenheim) system in my primary listening room, and by Wifi to a BelCanto streamer/amp multizone system via the network. I can’t recall by what means the NAS and the Nucleus communicate with the two systems, but the NAS holds a music database which I assume runs through the Nucleus and which is updated via the network when I make iTunes purchases on my laptop. Hope this is making sense.

I’m guessing that the NAS is the hard drive for the Nucleus.

Does the Nagra work and the Bel Canto have issues or are both having issues?

Simultaneous dropout always. Twice in the last hour for no apparent reason. Any issue of Tidal/Quobuz content transitioning with local music causing a glitch?

If both are dropping my first suspect would be the network.

But how would you explain the dropout of usb connected Nagra which is independent of the network. Is your supposition that the network causes the dropout of the wifi based Belcanto signal which then disables the usb based connection? Thanks.

Your Core accesses the music over the notwork, streaming (Tidal/Qobuz) or NAS alike. Also, are the two devices, NAGRA and Belcanto grouped in Roon? If so, this might be a further reason too for:

Apologies…mistaken. Core is wired to NAS and Nagra. The only Wifi element is MacBook iTunes to NAS for uploading content. Further diagnostic…disabled Quobuz and Tidal and dropout continues, so no interference from services. NAS glitch?

Likely …

Any hints from the Core’s logs?

Danke Bernd…I have to say that even my audio guru who sold me my system has not mentioned the core log. Where would I find it? Thank you very much.

On the subject of NAS, I have two mirrored QNAP 2TB drives (for 25k tracks). Each has been replaced on e under warranty so I haven’t thought to change brands. Maybe it’s time. Any recommendations? Thank you.

Network Attched Storage

Do you mean your NAS is not connected over your network to your Roon Server?

Network is network whether it’s wired or wireless. Network issues/glitches affect your hole network - or they aren’t network but limited WiFi, wired or device only issues.

Clearly we know who the amatuer is in this dialogue! It’s all on the network as you say. Only the laptop to NAS connection is via wifi. Sorry for the confusion. My tech is out of reach due to the pandemic and I’m doing the best I can.