NAS Synology : impossible to add the share folder which contain music

Roon Core Machine

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

music library is 20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Impossible to add the second folder which contains my music.
i have 2 folder with complementary music. i have 2 unit disk on my synology NASS. I can add one and can not add the second folder

At the same time i have Audirvana Mac plus Version 3.5.46 (3576) : and both folders of music does work very well on it.

Hi Kiram,
Can you share some details?
Folder names and paths. Are they on the same network share?
Maybe screenshots of your Storage section in Roon Settings.

(FAQ: I’m having trouble setting up my NAS)

Hi @Kiram_Faster, I definitely recommend checking out the article that Serge shared above, and if you’re still having issues, please share a screenshot of what you’re entering into Roon. Thanks!

I have checked, synology support team checked also, but it doesn’t work.
i would need the direct support from someone from ROON.

The folder is accessible from Audirva plus and from all other software unless ROON.
So the issu is on Roon side.

As @dylan asked, please share a screenshot so that Support has more information to work with in diagnosing your issue. Thanks.

Your NAS is possibly configured to accept SMB v3 connections only but depending on the OS of your Roon Core, support for SMB v2 connections needs to be allowed too ( something like “minimum SMB protocol” somewhere in your NAS options).

Hi @Kiram_Faster, can you share a screenshot as mentioned above? Thanks!

i found the solution for the music folder by myself.

I’m looking for solution can allow me access to the library of my music in synology nass at home, through ROON where ever i Am. i mean specially when i’m outside and not at home.

Hi Kiram there as a couple of moderately complex solutions to this you will find if you search the forums.
They may or may not work in your setup.

A lot of us use Plex server and PlexAmp for this while waiting for an official Roon solution to this.

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