NAS Watched Folder at a level too high [Solved]

I have a single Watched Folder on my NAS pointed at “\NetGeatNAS\Vol2”. However, I only have two folders under Vol2 which contain music files (about 36,000). There are several other folders containing non-music files (another 40,000 or so). Did not realize the impact when I originally set up…hindsight, eh?

Of course, all 76,000 files get scanned every load of Roon!

My question: How do I gracefully / easily create 2 new Watched Folders (WF) for my 2 music folders and drop the rest.

Do I just make 2 more WFs, let them build (which would create duplicates) and then delete the original WF?

Or is there a better, safer, faster approach?

p.s. Being a music lover of all types, Roon is a blessing. It opens up my collection. The networking of music and musicians is the missing link to a fuller appreciation of these artists and their art. Job well done…I’m telling all music lovers I meet about it. Good luck into the future

Today’s release has some changes aimed at exactly this scenario. Give this a read, and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much, @David_Boyd – we really appreciate that. Feel free to spread the word via the Tell A Friend feature we recently added to the Account Management section of our website.

Mike: thanks but today’s release note is exactly what spawned my question. I’ve been holding off on setting up new WFs. Is there a good way to do what I want or is this my only option?:

  • backup
  • create two new WFs pointing to my two music folders (duplicates created?)
  • delete old WF

Thanks again, Dave

This is the right sequence:

  • backup, just in case!
  • delete old WF (leaving you with empty library in roon). Use “remove”, not “disable” when removing the folder.
  • create two new WFs pointing to my two music folders

You do not want to create duplicates during the process–this will lead to problems since Roon will see the content as two legitimate copies that you intend to keep separate.

I know that the middle step sounds scary, since there’ll be a moment where you “have no music”, but it’s right. Roon will keep track of the content + match up your edits/play history/personal data with it after the new watch folders reimport. That content isn’t deleted until you go into Settings->Setup->Clean up Library.

Brian: worked like a charm! Just had two more unidentified albums than prior to cleanup but those were easily fixed.

Thanks again!

And still waiting for Roonspeaker (?) for PS Audio Bridge II / Directstream…then I can die happy