Nat King Cole Trio and MC Honky

This has to be the weirdest mash up I’ve found. I’ve checked my file tags and there’s no sign of 50-something baby boomer and one-time janitor MC Honky in them. There’s no sign of him when I unidentify the album, but when I identify the album up he pops:

Given the date of the recording he shouldn’t have even been born. I can’t find the cause of the problem on AllMusic or MusicBrainz either.

Any thoughts?


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Bizarre. I searched for MC Honky on AllMusic and the one it showed me only gave me E=MC^2!

[Edits]Ah! He’s under Credits and compilations! I looked under albums. Thank you/

This must be the most egregious mis-crediting I’ve found yet. Makes you wonder how may other errors are lurking in the AllMusic/Rovi database. @dylan @joel could you possibly reach out to them as well?

Maybe it’s just a joke?

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I’m sure it is. However it does beg the question how it got past AllMusic’s “rigorous” checking processes!

This must be a joke too, right? Just look through the threads in this section of the forum and you know that they don’t have a working checking process. :frowning_face: