Nativ Vita - anyone else signed up for one?

I have been regularly scanning the Roon Partner page for developments. A couple of weeks ago I noticed Nativ appear there, so investigated.

Their website is here:

Long story short, I’ve exchanged a few emails with Nativ, and have been impressed enough with what I’ve seen and heard to take the plunge on this crowd-source.

I just thought I’d start a thread to share any thoughts with anyone else interested in the product.

So, share away!

I saw this a couple of months ago when it was first launched. Glad to hear that they will have Roon on it as the player is a pretty sharp looking product. I didn’t go through with the campaign as 700, at the time, was just a bit more than i wanted to gamble on a crowdfunding campaign . Look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get the final product.

Hello Ian, I signed up for one aswell. Reason is that I am still looking for a squeezebox Touch equivalent with Roon for use in my kitchen, and this should be it. What I hope is that is can swich easily between Roon and Spotify Connect which my children use. It looks good, and I for sure will test it against my Sonore Microrendu used in the living room

Hello all… did your Nativ Vita’s get delivered? If so what are your thoughts?