Nativ Vita disconnecting

My Nativ Vita does the same thing I have latest Tidal, Roon and Vita software installed!
Plays 20 seconds loose audio zone oh so briefly then zone comes back. I can hit play and then it repeats the same loss 20 secs or slightly more later!!! WHY???
Room core installed on Sonic Transporter.

Hello @Robin_Wyatt1,

I have moved your post to a new topic so that we can focus on the issue you are seeing.

  1. Are you running the Roon application on the Nativ Vita?
  2. What zone are you trying to play to when you see this behavior? The built in output of the Nativ Vita?

If you could provide a picture of the Settings > Audio screen showing the zone that is having this issue, it would be incredibly helpful. You can upload pictures directly to the post by clicking on the little picture frame icon when you start a new post.


Using Roon app on Nativ Vita controlled via Nativ or iPhone Roon app. Zone is Nativ. I had this issue once before fixed. Just upgraded to latest Vita software problem back again. I can’t remember what to do to fix it!

When I switch zone to my micro Rendu no drop outs!

I set the resync to 50ms seems to be working now

Hello @Robin_Wyatt1,

We are currently working with Nativ on their Roon implementation. I’m unfortunately unable to speak about timelines or specifics. What I can say is that both Roon and Nativ are hard at work on delivering a great Roon experience on the Nativ Vita and that significant progress has been made.

I’m glad to hear you were able to get things working by setting the resync delay to 50ms. I will note this behavior for further support purposes.


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