Nativ Vita Will Not Update To Build 571

I am running my core on a Intel NUC BEAN CANYON BOXNUC8i3BEH4, i3-8109U,
HDDINT26100 Intel SSD 760P 128GB M.2 2280
MEMCRU079100 Crucial 8GB DDR4 SODIMM
ROCK is running on the core

My Roon is running on a Nativ Vita. All the music is being stored on an external HDD connected to the Intel NUC.

The Nativ Vita will not update to Build 571
The ROCK, my Huawei tablet, Lenovo laptop and samsung Galaxy S10 have all updated successfully with no issues.

Have tried rebooting the Nativ, still has not updated
See image below

Hi @David_Dome,

Can you provide some details on your networking setup?

Is there any change if you uninstall the Roon app on the Vita and reinstall it?

There is no where i can see where there is the ability to uninstall Roon.
Any advice on where this may be?

The Nativ is hard wired to the modem/router via ethernet cable.
The other online connected functions are working fine so i don’t think it’s a connection issue (the Nativ has a screen which shows that the unit is connected to the internet).

Hi @David_Dome,

The Nativ Vita works a bit different than other Android devices and we don’t have control over the updates to the Roon app like we do on most devices. For updates on this it is best to reach out to Nativ directly and they can help you. Thanks!

Thanks. They’ve disappeared becos of Covid. Not answering emails anymore.

Just went to purchase Tidal but could not login to Tidal thru Roon as Nativ still has not updated to build 571. Very disappointing from Nativ. Not sure if @support knows how long Nativ will be out of action for?

Managed to login to Tidal.
With Roon v 1.8 coming soon - any indication if Nativ will be able to load this? Mine is still stuck on Build 571 @support

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Any luck in getting a response on the update? I’m also stuck in the old build.

I’m in the same boat as others posting here. Nativ Vita won’t update through android store. I still don’t believe Nativ customer support is active yet (if ever again).

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Ive completely given up and moved onto another streamer. Nativ a now very expensive paperweight .

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That’s very disappointing service from Nativ…or lack thereof I should say.
Sorry to hear that.

I bought a used one on eBay and now i regret it. I should’ve done more research. Can’t get it to even install Qobuz.

Can you return it?
eBay usually looks after buyers more favorably than they should.

Seller specifically lists No Returns so I think I’m stuck with it.

Seller can state what they like, usually does not mean eBay will agree with them.
If you filed it was not working as described you might get a refund as eBay can make sellers accept returns irrelevant of what they state.
However that would all depend on the sellers description, how it was sold etc.
Worth a bit more investigation imho

Yeah I’ll look into it more. Thanks