Native DSD not offered by Roon- RPi4/RoPiee?

I stream with RPi4/RoPiee and I know my RME-ADI-2 dac can do native DSD.
But Roon does not offer me to choose native.Any idea WHY,please?

Why are you opening a duplicate thread when you already have the answer. Use DoP.

Because I assume is related to RPi4/RoPiee.

There is still no native DSD support without driver.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide driver support in an OS. You need to petition RME to get this sorted.

I would flag Harry with a feedback and see if he can see what’s happening with the dac connected and on. Also make sure the dac is operating is usb audio mode 2, and that the firmware is up to date. Especially the usb firmware on the rpi4 - its an option in ropieee to update the rpi usb firmaware

Are you referring to RME ADI-2 ? I’m not aware about different operating options.
And yes RoPiee is up to date.

Not ropieee but in ropieee there is an option to update the rpi4 usb firmware…look in the tabs in the GUI

You’re talking about this?

Clicking on update it show this:

Yes that’s the one

Yes,but I never see such warning when trying to update…:slightly_smiling_face:

Did you update? I did mine. No issues

Not yet.
I though maybe Harry ten Berge will let us know why this warning and what changes are if update is done?

It’s in the change log for build 386, it’s a RPi firmware update that should be done to improve usb power issues as I recall and should reduce core temps in the rpi too.

The reason the warning is there that an update of the USB controller FW potentially can brick your device. It’s just a disclaimer that you can’t hold me accountable :wink:

That being said, you really want that FW as it fixes a few issues, but not your DAC. For that you need to contact your DAC vendor.

Thanks Harry for clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

I just bought Amanero Combo384 USB interface, it’s on the list of supported hardware for Ropieee Native DSD streaming. However, in Roon, it doesn’t show native DSD option. The same USB interface works perfectly when plug in to my Windows 10 PC that it can stream DSD256.

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okay. Sorry about that.