Native DSD on NUC\Mytek Brooklyn possible?

Hi a newbie question.

Beside DoP, is it possible to have native DSD playback from NUC to Mytek Brooklyn (USB)? If yes, how do I go about that?

Thanks all.


I think this thread will answer your question…

Thank you indeed, looks like I’m gonna have to learn this from scratch.

Don’t know if you kept updated, but this is supported on ROCK now

Thanks, upgraded and running native DSD playback :grin:

Can it be that native DSD on Mytek Brooklyn DAC is supported but on DAC+ isn’t ?..

Yes, if it has a different USB id then that certainly can be the case.

Do you own such a machine? Then I might be able to help out.

@spockfish yes I’ve got a DAC+ and would greatly appretiate any help :slight_smile:

Ok… so how is it connected? Directly to the ROCK?

Yes it is directly connected via USB. Here I tried to describe the issue: How to get native DSD from ROCK to Mytek Brooklyn

yeah ok… I’m not that familiair with ROCK, but are you able to login (SSH) to it? Then we can have a look. Or the other option is to connect it (USB) to a Windows machine and you try to find the ID in the configuration menu.

Ok… I already have the answer. There’s no way to login to ROCK, so we need to try something else. Do you have a windows machine (or ideally: a Linux machine) where you can connect it with?

Yeah I’ve just tried putty but didn’t manage to log in. I’ve got Win10.

ok. then hook it up to the win10 machine, and then start the USB Device Viewer.

I’m doing it but you must tell me what the USB Device Viewer is and how to start it (sorry…)

Download this SDK and install it first:

it would take ages… it is the usbview.exe what’s needed isn’t it? I got it from a seperate download and started it:

Device Descriptor:
bcdUSB: 0x0200
bDeviceClass: 0xFF
bDeviceSubClass: 0x01
bDeviceProtocol: 0x00
bMaxPacketSize0: 0x40 (64)
idVendor: 0x25CE
idProduct: 0x8025
bcdDevice: 0x0200
iManufacturer: 0x01
0x0409: "Mytek Digital

Yep ok. This indeed explains why native DSD works with the Brooklyn DAC, but not with the DAC+.

Now, I’m able to patch the linux kernel (also used by ROCK), so I’ll try to do that asap and poke @danny to patch it into ROCK.


Cheers for that. I’m glad I could provide the necessary information. If you @spockfish and @danny need more details on the Brookly+ do not hesitate.

@spockfish – got a patch? ill patch it in