Native DSD playback not supported on Teac AI-503

Hello there

I can see that Teac is listed for Roon Tested Dacs. However I can’t play Native DSD. Does that mean Roon is actively looking into improving this or that won’t happen?

DoP works fine, just wanted to understand what it means to be a partner for Roon and the partner as it is stated “for maximum compatibility”.

The format support for a DAC is down to the drivers available for it and advertising what the device is capable of. This often changes over operating systems. Linux tends to have the weakest support as not all kernels support DSD nativley with windows being the best support overall. Being a Roon partner does not mean it will have all the DACs features if it’s not supported on the OS you using.

A manufacturer will support native DSD but on windows only my Arcam stipulated this in its manual, but Allo compiled a driver on Linux to enable native DSD on their platform as it was easy in this case to do but not all will be. If DoP works fine then your still getting the full benefit of DSD but it is nice to see that option available.

Roon will rely as much as possible on what driver is available under a given OS I doubt they compile bespoke drivers for every DAC as it would be a massive task.

Oh ok, thanks for clarifying.

I take it your using a Linux based endpoint into your DAC or is it a Mac?

I almost bought one of these … or something similar to run a windows Roon Bridge on plus some ASIO drivers when I remembered I already had something on hand.

So I asked my dealer who Asked Teac, Roon “is not fully supported, yet”.

Behind the “yet”, there’s no ETA. So, wait & see.

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