Native DSD processing in MacOs

Hello everybody,
I have actually a macmini running as roon core. So, DSD streaming/upsampling is only possible via DoP. Since the PCM samplerate of my DAC is 384 kHz max, DoP is limited to DSD 128 independent of the player software (Roon or HQ). Does anybody know, whether Apple plans to implement native DSD processing in a future OS? Since my DAC is principally able to process DSD 512, it would then be possible to upsample PCM to DSD 512 max via native DSD.

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You will need a streamer like a raspberry pi4

I don’t heared, that Apple has there any plans.
But what you can do:
Use an external endpoint (perhaps Ropieee supports your DAC with native DSD).

For my exaSound DAC, exaSound creates there own ASIO drivers for MAC and so they are supporting here DSD512 for stereo and DSD256 for multichannel.

I am using an M1 Mac Mini as my Roon server. I also run HQPlayer on it and use an ultraRendu as an endpoint (HQPlayer NAA) connected via USB to my Holo Audio May KTE DAC. I am able to play DSD1024 with that setup if I so choose. No DoP…

The key here is to us an endpoint capable of the DSD rates you want and then you will be fine.


Thank you very much musicjunkie917,
I very much appreciate your advice. In my setting I use my macmini als ROON server and player - therefore DSD streaming to my DAC only runs over DoP. If I understood well you use the mac mini as ROON core (HQ embedded) and server and the sonore as player accessed via network audio adapter (NAA). From the sonore you go into your HOLO DAC via USB. Do you need specific USB driver software for your DAC?

You don’t need a expensive solution like that or HQ player.

All you need is a streamer that U can use as a roon endpoint and connect that to your dac via USB.

A raspberry pi 4 will be more than enough:-)

You just run roon on your Mac and if you want you can run HQPlayer there as well.

MacOS can’t do native DSD. So you need something with Linux on it like a raspberry pi (ALSA Linux) or a windows machine with ASIO.

Thank you very much Marc!

Hello again,
in the meantime I had contact to several other experts. It seems not evident, that the introduction of a more powerful streaming bridge between the MacMini and my DAC (MP 3100 HV) will work.

Peter Lie, Firmware Lead of LUMIN Network Music Players, wrote: Hi Oliver,
This is a bit tricky. Firstly, you must confirm your T+A device version is 2.1 or newer. Otherwise it won’t work. You will find the device version on the serial number label on the back of the T+A device. At device version 2.1 or above, I think it will likely work, but I cannot confirm that as I don’t recall receiving any customer confirmation of it.

Unfortunately My MP is Version 1.13. Does anybody have an idea of what I could further do to approach to a higher DSD upsampling rate that DSD128 in my setup?
Best regards

I do not recommend but I can share:
my roon core is on a M1 mini

I’m using a Zen Stream

  1. with Zen Dac can do DSD native 256
  2. with CA Dac Magic 200M looks like I’m bound to DoP. The zen stream has old kernel and not seeing newer DACs (I read from other people and did not verify) so I have to stick to DoP256 instead of native 512

Thank you very much, Traian.

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This is DAC dependent. I have no reason to believe you’ll get Linux native DSD with it even with a newer Linux kernel if the DAC firmware stays the same.

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Thanks for your reply.
This is what I did understand going thru the forum, only windows and linux no guarantee. I did not search for a new firmware for it as for the moment I do not have a bridge capable of 512 native. Hope I’ll upgrade this year, my kids are waiting for it.

But it’s your zen stream that limits DSD to 256.

The DAC magic 200m supports DSD512. You just need a network bridge that supports it also.

Easiest solution, replace the zen stream with a raspberry pi4.

Yes thanks. I’m a bit afraid of Pi :slight_smile: but it is in the future upgrades.


And the 200M on Zen it is only DoP, I’ll get a new bridge to see if it can go to Direct

Nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a board that U put in a case. Or you buy a used assembled one.

Putting something like Roopiee or roopiee XL on a SD card is super simple and doesn’t require you to be tech savvy at all.

That’s it basically. Perfectly fine Roon endpoint that you could even run from a Powerbank or usb port from a phone charger.

No need for audiophile crap that costs 5-10 times more :slight_smile:

Please read more about Linux native DSD, then you’ll see why any Linux-based streamer cannot send DSD512 to your DAC.

If you don’t believe me, ask your DAC manufacturer.

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I have done this—works beautifully.

Thanks for your help. Now I’ll have some piece of mind and not hunting ghosts. First I’ll have to upgrade the DAC to something to be happy with. CA 200M it is just temporary solution. After that I’ll think about the bridge (or dac&transport in one device). Anyway I’m becoming convinced by HQP and moving from RAAT to NAA. Thanks

Further confirmation:

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Thanks for sharing this with me. Hope my future upgrade to be better :slight_smile: