Native DSD support on Sonicorbiter SE and microRendu [answered]

Good afternoon,

I have an issue when attempting to play DSD64 and DSD128 files, these are converted to PCM. My setup is as follows: (1) I7 desktop(24Gb memory,256 SSD, 2TB HDD connected; (2) through a lan connection to a Sonore MicroRendu which is connected to a (3) Teac UD-501.

I have had no issues in the past using other players (JRiver and Teac HR Player|).

Have you enabled DSD (DoP) setting in RoonReady mode on the rendu?

Thanks. It did the trick. I had set DSD Support to “native DSD”. Curious to know why this was not working as an option.

Not sure Roon supports native DSD. …

This seems to be the case. Maybe a future enhancement!!

Hey @Pierre_Paquin – just a quick follow up. You can find information about the Sonicorbiter SE and microRendu’s native DSD support here:

Hope that helps!