Native DSD Supported on Mac OSX

Have a Dac that supports native dsd.Dac does not require drivers is there any way to get native dsd to work instead of DOP ? Is native supported with Roon on Mac OSX ?

Which DAC? My understanding is that Native DSD always requires ASIO, and ASIO drivers on Mac are always a custom thing, so I’m unsure how your device supports Native DSD on Mac without drivers.

Also, just for my curiosity, is there a reason you want to avoid DoP? It’s just a transport encapsulation, and should have zero impact on sound quality. If the DoP stream is altered, you will hear noise, not reduced quality.

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Sim Audio Moon 280D DSD

Happy with DOP just was wondering about native DSD support.

You are not the only one. I have an Exasound DAC, which does have its own ASIO drivers, which with other playback software that support them, out performs DoP and core audio on a Mac. Been waiting a while for Roon to be able to use them. I know it’s on their radar, but not sure where.

What software are you using with the Sim Audio Moon 280D DSD to do native output on a mac?

It’s on our roadmap, and we really like Exasound and their products. We have the technical bits required to do this–it’s just about fitting it in to the schedule.

The unfortunate thing is that their ASIO stuff is specific to that one company’s products. It would be higher on our list if it were a standard supported by many DAC manufacturers like it is on Windows. For some architectural reasons, we’re unable to just use port over our Windows ASIO code to do this, so it’s basically like supporting audio on a whole new platform, except it only works for one manufacturer’s products.

Nonetheless, we intend to do it once we can find the time.

Thanks for the reply Brian. Glad to hear it’s not fallen off the schedule.

Hi Brian, Are there any further development on this issu?
I am using Denon PMA-1600NE amplifier with Roon on macbook.
I could not find “Native” item in dsd playback menu.
Am I found correct issue thread?

Only exaSound products support Native DSD on Mac. They do it via a special driver that other products do not have.

Your Denon can only be used in DoP mode with a Mac.

My Denon AVR-X4300H does not support DoP …