Native DSD via Nucleus HDMI

Dear Roon team,

why the Nucleus cannot send the native DSD,DSF also in MCH via HDMI,
to my Denon AVR7200WA??like USB. Is this a Nucleus problem or Linux or
HDMI or…or. Otherwise, I am very satisfied. I have a Keces P8
Linear power supply and everything sounds very good, I’m just missing
native DSD via HDMI. Please work on it, my oppo 203 can already do it - but
I think it would be the biggest with the Roon software!!!

Best wishes Willy

Prohibited by copy protection (HDCP). AV Receivers often/only accept DSD over HDMI from licensed sources like your OPPO 203 or other licensed SACD/DVD/Blu-ray players.

AFAIK it’s currently impossible to get a general purpose PC, running an open source OS and drivers, properly licensed to allow it to do what you want.