Native linux and mac implementation [misunderstanding about mac -- no ui on linux on roadmap]

Running windows code under Wine on linux and mac is far from optimal (ie. ridiculously high GPU consumption rooning Roon on mac).

It would be very nice if you provide native linux/macos implementation for Roon, Roon Server Server and Roon Bridge.

In what way is the current macos version of Roon not considered ‘native’, and what makes the Windows version of Roon ‘native’?

Roon for Mac and Linux is distributed as bundle of dll/exe files which are native to Windows system only. That makes it native to Windows and not to Mac nor Linux.

I was mistaken in original post - Roon doesn’t use Wine to run on Mac/Linux but actually Mono.
Anyway native app would be great to have.

I think just dismissing it as non-native because it uses exe/dlls files is a rather simplistic view. As far as my understanding goes, Mono uses a runtime interpreter. That doesn’t make it ‘not native’. Just in the say way Java uses an interpreter (and python and I’m probably missing some).

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Wine is not used unless you are using Roon w/ the user interface on Linux. We have no plans to release Roon for X11.

Do not let filenames fool you. Roon is built for the native platforms we ship on, and some of it is written in .NET (thus the .dll and .exe files). No emulation is done on any platform.

Well, I agree using runtime interpreters and/or virtual machines (like jvm) is a common way for building modern applications. And I was mistaken for Wine as Roon uses Mono - which points to .NET application.

We can argue whether cross platform application frameworks are native or not (in my opinion they are not) but anyway those do require some middleware layer (interpreter/virtual machine) to execute.
That means among others more limited interface to interact with OS/hardware layer (which, I imagine can we useful for realtime tasks like audio rendering). Also it comes with the cost of bigger CPU/RAM footprint and increased runtime complexity.

In my view, if we are talking about audio - the simpler the better.
That could be also the reason why in most cases decent CD player sounds better than carefully configured streaming computer.

The base line for me is that at this point I understand Roon is implemented in .NET and what I proposed falls far beyond ‘feature request’ :slight_smile: Take it or leave it.


Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile: