Navigation Issues


Roon does a poor job of navigation, in particular holding position last left and returning where you started from:

  • new releases clear the filter and returns to the top if I view a profiled album (eg I select classical to view (filter), scroll down, click an album that looks interesting, When I go back the filter is off and I’m back at the top.
  • selecting playlists: if I scroll down and click on a playlist when I return it has scrolled back to the top again, not where I left off
    There are multiple other areas where this same navigation defect occurrs.

Feature request: Return to last spot left and protect previously selected filters.

Breadcrumbs navigation is a basic feature of any decent software, it is quite ridiculous that for Roon we have to request this as a special feature…

This should be filed as a bug report, unless of course addressing bugs is considered a feature request. No matter how many damn times it’s reported and occasionally addressed the inevitable regression creeps in.

I submitted a but report on this