ND5 XS 2 Volume control


The ND5 XS 2 is Roon-ready device so I’d like to know is there option to control volume and to turn on/off device with Roon app?


I too would like confirmation in this. Although I fear the answer is no to volume control. Which I’m disappointed by. Hopefully somebody else can clarify.

No you can’t control the volume of the Naim streamers as Naim do not expose it. They also recommend not to use the volume control on them as it’s purely to get Airplay certification and effects the SQ, they say you should use a PreAmp to control the volume not the.device itself. As for power that depends again on what Naim allow Roon to interact with. I imagine it can control the power on as it does with my Atom but there is no control to turn it off.

Other solutions to control the volume would be to add a Harmony Hub remote control. As you can then add a Roon extension called Deep Harmony that can allow the Roon app to control playback on the streamer and manage volume on another device such as a preamp or other amplifier. This is how I control one of my endpoints and the active speakers attached to it.

Ok, Thanks for info.

Pretty disappointing really, I understand the loss of quality… but to have to switch between the Roon app, and the Naim app for volume is a bad user experience.

I feel like they should at least have given the option.