NDX 2 - Possible to adjust volum with Roon?

Hello, Is it possible to adjust volum with Roon on the NDX 2?

No the volume on the NDXS2 is not exposed to Roon by Naim for good reason. It is digital and is only for the unit to get Airplay certification, you really should avoid it at all costs as it will effect SQ. You should be using the volume on the PreAmp not the streamer, even Naim recommend this. If you have a Harnony Hub remote their is a Roon extension called Deep Harnony that can be used to control volume by IR command on the amp fright in tom in the Roon app. I use this to great success in my secondary system to control volume of some active speakers my streamer goes straight inio.


I also thought it was not possible, but I’ve just tried it on my ND5 XS2 (similar firmware) and I can control volume from Roon. Select ‘variable’ from the Naim app, then shutdown and unplug the Naim, count to ten, plug it back in and it should be good.

I suspect the NDX2 is doing volume control at 32bit resolution, so although theoretically it’s compromising sound quality I wouldn’t worry about it. If you can hear a difference, switch it back!

Yes, it is possible to do this. Just have a listen, and decide for yourself whether of not it degrades the sound.