NDX now or wait for ND5 XS2

Looking for some opinions here. I have the opportunity to ‘inherit’ a Naim NDX (2014 vintage), this would replace a Meridian MS200, connection would be SPDIF to a meridian G68 or maybe direct to meridian DSP3100 speakers. I appreciate I would need some kind of upnp bridge to get the Naim to play with Roon - not sure what the cheapest option is these days - the small green computer option seems to be sold out. Roon core runs happily on a QNAP TS-451+, so do not need a sonictransporter.
So my question is do I invest in a bridge @ £350+? and use the NDX or do I part-x the NDX for a ND5 XS2, when it is released as this is Roon ready. Before you ask, I cannot run to a NDX2!!
Many thanks

My guess is the new ND5XS2 will sound as good as the current NDX with the added benefit of being Roon-Ready. You can’t go wrong with a current NDX but you’ll need to add the upnp bridge(or something) to have it play Roon. Current NDX can be upgraded if you see fit to do that with a external power supply where the ND5XS2 can’t be upgraded. (Both can be used with an external DAC however)

Wish I could answer your questions. For me the appeal is less box count with the ND5XS2. Really comes down to your needs.

I have an ND5 XS and have deployed a Sonore UPNP bridge to access the ND5 XS as a Roon endpoint. I had assumed I’d swap it all out for an ND5 XS 2 when available. Now I’m likely going to keep what I’ve set up in place and not purchase the ND5 XS 2. The UPNP bridge approach has exceeded my expectations.


I believe if you contact @agillis from SGC you can still get the Sonore bridge device.

If you’re not going analogue out I’d say the ND5 XS2 is the way to go as it’s most likely that it’s the DAC and DSP that is the area the extra money has been spent.

NDX is really old technology now, it was Naim’s first streamer, personally I’d avoid it in 2018.

But we won’t really know how it sounds until they land, but based on the fact that Naim just can’t afford another error, I’d expect these to be rather special.


You would really have to try the Allo DigiOne player - Roon Endpoint with S/PDIF out directly into your Meridian speakers or some sort of Meridian digital switching solution, if you still needed other digital sources.
If taking a S/PDIF from the NDX then the only part you are using is the Streamer functionality, and then you are talking about feeding it that through a UPnP Bridge from your Roon Core.
The NDX is then only performing a packet stream to clocked digital stream conversion.
Focus on optimising your digital signal path from Roon Core to Meridian speakers and getting the best digital signal to the DACs in those. No need to be buying units with DAC conversation as you already have that in the DSP3100.
Take the cash and save for the DSP5000, DSP7200 or DSP8000 (or whatever model upgrade is available from Meridian)

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Why replace the MS200? Get yourself a Reviver to convert its Speakerlink-out to S/PDIF / Comms and plug it directly into your 3100s.

I use one this way into a pair of 5200s and prefer it over the DigiOne (also plugged in). Full speaker control (volume, power on/off) from Roon and MSR+ (+transport controls).

Thank you all for your considered responses.

I do appreciate that I would be using very little of the NDXs functionality given my current setup - but given that I am being offered it in lieu of payment for work then I thought it worth considering as an ‘upgrade’ for the MS200. However I would need to invest in the bridge to make it work - hence my question, if I am going to have to spend money making it work with Roon for probably the same investment + trade in (or ebay) value of the NDX I could wait for the ND5 XS2 if that brought any improvement.


I for one am going to wait for the new Streamers to be released then schedule a demo. I hope to hear improvements on the current model(s). IMHO I think the new ND5XS2 will sound better than the current NDX

Thanks Rene, I have gone your suggested route for now - may invest in, or build, a better power supply for the MS200 in time.


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Enjoy. :slight_smile:

As for the PSU: I have an Sbooster 12V LSPU that made a nice difference with my Prime, but did nothing for the MS200 (digital out). Of course, YMMV.

That is an interesting remark. What do you consider the previous error(s) were?

I like to know what’s behind that remark too. It’s always wise to be a smart consumer.

“but based on the fact that Naim just can’t afford another error, I’d expect these to be rather special.”

Also, what did you mean by “if you’re not going analogue out” ? I definitely intend to go analogue out to my analog Preamp so your remark definitely interests me.

I’ll try to speak for him. The last major release from Naim with the updated streaming board(s) for the Uniti line didn’t go as smoothly as Naim anticipated. Lots of delays from what I recall, and it required a few patches after the fact. More than a few put deposits down and had to wait an extended period of time to get their orders fulfilled. I stress this didn’t happen to me. I’m a very happy Naim fan! Growing pains I suppose.

Not sure what was meant by Analogue out. I assume if you plan on using an external DAC then the ND5XS2 is the way to go… You’d be overspending on the NDX2 to not use it’s internal DAC.

Thanks for the enlightening response; it’s always nice to know what’s going on. Presumably Naim responded responsibly.

As for the analogue comment, I’ll hope to eventually come across an explanation for it. I am not sure whether I am brainwashed or enlightened, but I invariably choose an analog option if given the opportunity. I do take your point on the DAC, thanks.

No idea on the patching, but they also responded by jacking the price up around launch time. I was interested in an Atom at the time (Roon-Ready) and there was a £300 price hike just after launch. They seem to have done this again with the yet to be release streamers, but this time before launch. First ‘review’ I saw of the ND5XS2 stated £1995, and these prices are still around if you Google. It is now listed as £2299 before it is even released. Haven’t checked the price of the other units.

I hope they don’t jack up the prices! They are already pricey, even the lowest one. I’ll be getting one almost regardless of the way it sounds just to maintain uniformity of the Apps I will need to coordinate streaming my three stereo systems.

@Anthony_Bates - @Mark_Allen answered very well for me. The “Uniti” series was delayed and had a few features that were advertised that were not available at launch (multiroom). Huge delays and a beta feel to the initial release. Therefore I’m expecting the new ND series to hit the ground running from a software perspective, you can usually rely on Naim SQ.

@Echolane All ND units will have the same software, differences will be in power supply and DAC implementation. If you are not going to use the internal DAC the ND5-2 seems a sensible option over a used NDX as the OP was enquiring. However the analogue out of the old NDX is likely to be better than the analogue out from the new ND5-2.

It could turn out that the ND5-2 is equivalent to the original NDX but I doubt it, We will see once they are released.


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