Need a guideline for SSD Installation in Nucleus

Greetings all,
I have a chance to try Nucleus. It work pretty well both for music server or as output via USB. Now, I am trying to install SSD as internal storage, I am lazy to carry thumb drive and worry about I lost it. So, I open it, put SSD in the place and check on my networking. Well, I can see my thumb drive as a share drive in storage folder,but, I cannot find where my SSD is…
My SSD is a fresh and clean, nothing in there. I have read the advice said that all the data will be gone when it put in Nucleus. So, I gonna copy my file through SMB…

Hope anyone can help me about this.

Your SSD is a 2.5" drive, right? And you’ve installed it as described here?

Then you should find that there is a pre-defined Music Folder:

If it’s not showing up, then I suspect that the SSD needs formatting first. Since Nucleus is based on ROCK, I think there should be a web-based system management page like this:

Thanks Geoff for helping. I went to web based system and think I cannot see what you are circle in red. I gonna go back to check that later.
I quite sure that I installed it properly. But it seem it cannot see my SSD. In the other hand, USB is seem by roon os perfectly fine and playable well.

Is the bios on the nucleus seeing the SSD?
Was the SSD initialized and formatted?

Adding @support so they can help.

Thanks Bear, I don’t know how to go to bios. I connect nucleus with my projector then boot it up, and everything go so fast that I try to hit “del” to enter bios menu,but, it did nit get through.

It can be tricky, I am not sure about the nucleus but with the Intel NUC you need to hit F2 when the splash screen goes by.
It took me a few tries to get into the BIOS on my NUC. I just started mashing the F2 when I turned it on and eventually caught the timing

This is why I flagged the support guys so they could chime in to help.

Ok guys, after I go to sleep and wake up this morning, finally I can see my SSD there. I will keep updating the progress.

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Right now, I transfer stuff from my USB to Internal storage via SMB. I notice the speed is so slow. is there any more efficient way to transfer file?

That’s what happened to me when transferring through wifi to my NUC Rock. What I did was installed a switch and had my PC and NUC connect to the switch. I can get up to 85MB/s.

Funny thing is, USB is attaching nucleus directly. I don’t know why speed is so slow. Does it need to transfer file to my computer before send it back to nucleus?

I think, RoonOS don’t handle the traffic. Since you connecting to RoonOS through file sharing, the traffic is in fact transfer to your computer and back.