Need advice on tagging classical CD rips

I’m a fairly new Roon user and still getting setup. I’d thought I’d be into asking questions about some small issues I’ve had, but I discovered my wife had an additional stash of her CDs that I didn’t know about, so I’ve been busy ripping them.

My methodology has been to rip CDs (to FLAC, FWIW) and fill in the metadata as completely as I can. Up until now the CDs have all been rock/pop/blues/jazz but no classical. I previously used Foobar2000 and found that I had very little difficulty with Roon recognizing things (minus those few minor issues I alluded to above).

My wife’s stash includes a handful of classical CDs, and I’ve read that they can be problematic with Roon. So my question (finally) is what tags should I add to minimize the problems importing into Roon. I’d prefer to make tweaks in Roon only as a last resort, and would rather the metadata be in my FLAC files.

A specific case might be helpful. Here’s one:

Thanks in Advance!

Follow the guide File Tag Best Practice, especially the section about Tagging Multi-Part Works.

A good way to ensure Roon will recognize the album is to use exactly the metadata in if available. Here’s it is for that album:

As @BlackJack wrote, follow the guidelines in Roon’s Knowledge Base. For that disc, you’d want to have WORK and PART tags with exactly the same content as listed in the record.

Thanks @BlackJack and @Fernando_Pereira.

It’s been a while since I’ve read the File Tag Best Practice guide, so I’ll review it. And I like the suggestion of using allmusic as a guide.