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I realize there are probably better forums to ask this question, but I thought I’d start here first. I have 2 HSU Vtf-1H MK2 subwoofers and I’m getting ready to buy a pair of golden ear triton one.r speakers, which have powered bass sections. I’d like to get a power conditioner that can give good clean power for all 4 devices without breaking the bank. ni other devices will use this conditioner. The HSU subs draw 720 watts each, and from what I can tell the golden ears draw 1600 watts each. Battery backup would be great, but is not required. I need something that can supply enough power to all of them.

Any recommendations?


Convert total watts to amps and look on the Furman website for something that will fit your needs… By the way, you will never use that total watts power without blowing out your ears and windows and the neighbors too…

You should check the current max on the mains side not the amplifier watts which is probably what you are reporting here.

I checked the manuals on what they were drawing (not putting out). So I think my numbers are right, but that’s one of the reasons why I am asking.

Thanks for the help.

I don’t doubt those are on the mains side… Pretty sure thats Max and not RMS… I have looked at the requirements on the HSU & Golden Ear websites… I think you could put one sub and one of the golden ears on one 20 amp power conditioner with lots of headroom to spare… And the same for the other side of the room… Again, check out Furman for power conditioners…

I also am in need of a good power conditioner for a SET tube amp (100 W), my Roon Core PC (20 W) and a DAC (15 W). Which of the many Furman models do you have experience with, which one would you recommend? I don’t need fancy meters, nor do I have a rack to mount a conditioner into. Mine would be placed onto a desk or on the floor. Are the boxes units (e.g. Elite series) offer important advantages over the power-strip type of units (Compact series)? Do these units (e.g. Elite series) get warm? Can they be placed under or on top of other equipment? Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Andreas, I am not a salesman or tech support… Nor do I have any affiliation with Furman other than being a happy user of their products… You should be able to get by with a 15 amp power conditioner… Although, you may want to double check if that tube amp would rather be plugged directly into mains… Some amps, including tube amps and preamps, prefer a straight up shot from the wall… As for the rest of your stuff, I imagine there are benefits… I have used several Furman products over the past 20ish years and have no issues or regrets… In this incarnation of my system I use a pretty simple Furman PST-8 Power Conditioner for everything (Cable modem, WiFi/Router, Streamer, DAC and Subwoofer) except for the Tubed PreAmp, SS Amp and Speakers, which the manufactures suggest direct connection to mains power… As far as stacking things, I don’t because heat and vibration… Tubes are microphonic as are clock oscillators which could be in any audio gear like a Streamer or DAC… I also use a PST-8 with my “other” Computer System (i7 delid custom build and peripherals)…

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Thank you very much! Will check with the amp manufacturer before ordering a power conditioner.

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Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Furman products, as well. I’ve also used PS Audio (still being used in one system).
I would also recommend a lesser known company, Brick Wall. I have their “audiophile” version on my main system, which features monoblock amps, pre-amp, Oppo DVD, phono preamp, and turntable. I have never encountered an issue.
I’m not sure of your budget, but I found the Brick Wall to be a great buy.
As an aside, I would not be shocked if you end up retiring your subs once those Golden Ears are hooked up. Great speakers!

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After reviewing the feedback, form factors and overall need, I ended up going with 2 simple panamax mr4000 units that I got for a great deal at crutchfield. They are 15 amps each, will fit in the cabinet well, and will support the load. I don’t need advanced power filtering for the sub units, and won’t be plugging anything else in. If I end up not liking them I can return.

I am hoping to get to a golden ear dealer soon to audition the tritons. I’m 90% convinced, just want to hear them. I am replacing a pair of Aperion Grands, which have served me well for the last 6 years. It’s just time for an upgrade.

In my current setup, I have the subs connected to an Emotiva stereo preamp along with the aperions, which are powered by an Emotiva xpa amp. The Emotiva preamp has HT bypass so movies and music can both utilize the subs and the aperions. I plan to move the subs to my home theater AVR (marantz 7005). That way stereo will be just the golden ears, but movies and such will Leverage the golden ears and the subs. The room has over 4500 cubic feet, so the subs make a big difference.

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Hey all. Just wanted to add some closure to this thread. I ended up buying the golden ear triton one r speakers. They are f’ing awesome! Many thanks to the guys at Hifi buys in Nashville. For power conditioning, I purchased 2 Panamax mr 4000 s for the left and right. So far so good.