Need ARC Source IPs or CIDRs


I’m looking to try out Arc and very excited about finally being able to access my library through Roon from anywhere – but I really don’t want to open up ingress for Arc from the entire IPv4 internet ( That’s just way too permissive, even if I didn’t host my core on an internal/trusted VLAN.

I’m looking for the known/trusted Roon ARC sources, either actual NAT gateways (or similar) or even a few CIDR blocks.

I’ve searched (and even found others looking for this info) but have not located what I need.

Can someone help me get these sources so I can safely enable this access?

Thanks in advance!

The mian IP will be the WAN IP of your mobile phone and not Roon server’s.
You can also enable VPN and ARC still works great for that.

Perfect, the ARC + VPN solution is working great – thanks for the reply.

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