Need better way to navigate large collection

Is there some way to.break the list of (say) albums into “boxes’ by alphbetical sort order, that we could skip from current location to the albums that start with “m” or whatever.

Right now this is a nightmare for me with 21000 albums in my library. It takes forever to page through the sorted album list to find album or artist in the middle somewhere. The only other way I know of now of doing this is by “search”, which doesn’t always work well.

In ipeng app (ios) for LMS which I have been using for years, in the HDTracks folder, which is very large, ipeng displayed all the artist names in alphabetical boxes on the right of screen, as described above, making it easier to navigate through this part of my collection

I was able to “browse by folder” on music disk, and had albums arranged by rough category, and by letter of composers name (Bach in “b”) subfolders,etc.

I dumped all the HDtracks artists/albums into one large folder (1000+) and this made it possible to browse or navigate to the artist, and then to navigate to the one I wanted.

I would expect that a “browse by folder’ option would be difficult to put into Roon now. I gather most people have music files in flat directory structure as per iTunes, as opposed to arranged folders by subfolders, as I have been usIng. With the corrected metadata supplied by roon, this is less necessary than before.

However it seems to me that the way the ipeng client displayed artists/albums would be much easier to implement in Roon, and it would certainly make navigation easier. Possibly even for people with smaller collections.

Click the ABC at he bottom left to see an alphabet to select from.
gives you this:

Is that what you were looking for?

Oh, you can also grab the bar and drag it. Not as precise but it moves you through faster.
I can’t get a picture of it but when you grab the bar it shows the current alphabet location in a pop up.

HA!! I figured out how to delay the snip to get a picture of it.


Or if you are using a device with a keyboard just type the letter you want to jump to.


You learn something new everyday :heart_eyes:

Didn’t spot the drag option before

Cheers Mike