Need Direction on Reconfiguring My Roon

Currently running latest version of Roon Server on a Caps PC under Windows 10 (Call this: PC/A). Control Device is a Android Tablet. CAPS PC has a USB connected DAC. Media (music) files are located on a second remote PC connected via ethernet (Call this: PC/B). Music library is about 1000 CDS. System works properly.

Reading your guidance on best music quality it states that Core functions are best separated from the endpoint. So I would like to make PC/B the Core device. I have installed Roon Server on the B device already.
I would like simple instructions on want to do next. The Tablet sees PC/B on the network already.
Question: should i install Bridge on PC/A and designate it Zone 1?
Question: Do i need to move the current Roon library physically to a new location and point PC/B to it?

Install bridge on pc/a and run roon server on pc/b, the. If you need the remote you can roon full on pc/b as remote mode. I would just let pc/b reindeer the locally attached library, if you want the simplest not too hands on migration.

Do macke sure you have a ssd for the pc/b OS to boot off as this is where the library database will be fastest.

I’m assuming your mean PC as in windows

You can simply uninstall the roon core from pc/a or it will detect the new one and you can opt to run it as a remote