Need ‘Go To Album’ links

Hi. Thought I’d make a feature suggestion.

I found similar posts on related issues but none on this specifically. I was listening to an album today with several composers on it. There were links to the composers for each track. I tapped on one as I know I have full albums of this composer’s music. Sure enough it took me to the composer’s page and listed (just a few?) of the tracks on that composers albums.

However, I was expecting to tap on the 3 little dots and find a link to go to the whole album… but only a link to that specific track. This would be an obvious place to have a link to the whole album. But better still how about a Qobuz-style search results page with a section for tracks and albums, showing a top selection then a link to view all (tracks and albums).

Sometimes Roon does not feel very classical music friendly which continues to surprise me given how long it’s been around now.

I can’t seem to edit my original post anymore so I’m using reply. The perfect behaviour as far as I am concerned happens when you are playing an album. Tapping on either of the numbers after the name of the composition takes you to either the albums in my library containing this work (shows list of full albums) or the same on Qobuz. And tapping on the 3 dots after individual tracks gives the option of “go to composition” and then the same results as above. Perfect. So it would be nice if this was consistent in other areas of Roon as per my first post.