Need help cant connect to Roon after adding music to my NAS

I added quite a bit of music to my NAS. I use Roon on a NUC that has been running Rock for over 2 years with no problems. No I cant connect to Roon. The yellow HD light is light constantly. I gave it time to “synch” (3 hours) but still NG. I would not even know where to start.

Have a look at the web page on the core.
It will be the IP address of the core.
From there you can see if it running and restart it if it isn’t running

I attempted to access that IP and I cant access it

I restarted the Nuc and the yellow light comes on and cant access Roon Rock

Have you attached a monitor to see what shows on a screen
At least you are in the right area for when the support team see your message.

Can you ping the IP address?

I have roon client on my PC and connect to my network and try to access the IP of Roon Rock

Michael, Im technologically challenged so it doesnt make it any easier for me lol

Ok Jim. Do you have something with a HDMI connector so you can plug it in and see what is on the screen.

I’m about to go to bed but it’s midnight here. I’m pretty sure support will ask you to do that as it sounds like it might be dead

Yea I have a monitor that I will connect to in the morning. Thanks

Ok good luck Jim and take a photo of what shows on the screen and post it (if it looks useful). It might be that your boot drive has failed
Happened to me on one of my Nucs a while ago

some screen shots

What hard drive did you use in your build?

Jim it looks like your hard drive is there.
Did the Nuc boot to the Bios or did you go into the Bios?

The first photo looks like it is the startup boot of Rock, what does it end up like?

I went into the Bios (F2 or F7 i forget) I just dont know if what I see is correct.
This all occurred after there was a sw update (?) and I had added a lot o

Not sure about the build specific questions as a buddy of mine built it for me.

Jim, I feel your pain. Being technologically challenged is no fun with this product. I will tell you once you get it going you will be delighted so take pics of the screen along the way in case it happens again. This will help you troubleshoot in future if issues arise. Don’t underestimate simple things like pulling the plug from the unit and rebooting that way. I tried everything under the sun once and after pulling the cord out of the back off the Roon Nucleus + for about a minute it started right up.

OK so it looks like it is back (WT) BUT I cant see the music stored on my NAS. I need to add it??

Looks like everything is working. My guess is this:
There was a Roon sw update. I MAY have interrupted it. (There was no warning on the screen that Roon was updating) I restarted the Nuc and it may have had something to do with it. This morning i unplugged the unit restarted and Roon came up but without my library. I added the folder and now it looks complete. I will play later tonight to confirm. Thank you to all those that responded I really appreciate it.

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Jim good news, sorry I have had a 9 hour drive back from my holiday today.
Great that it is working again.

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