Need Help Copying Files to Nucleus Internal Storage

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Ethernet through Linksys router

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Bel Canto connected to Nuc by USB

Description Of Issue

Nucleus has 1T internal storage currently holding c 35k files/ 400 gbs

I want to add more files from my laptop to the Nuc. I can get to \Nucleus\data\storage\internal storage and see the folders for the music that is already there. But I have no clue how to add the additional files. I can copy them from the laptop but I see no way to drop them into the Nuc. Would connecting the laptop by USB to the Nuc help? No doubt it would speed the copying if I could get that started.

I am sure this is a ridiculously silly problem but I am hoping for compassion and to be held by the hand and walked through a solution. It is Father’s Day. Think of your own silver haired daddy. I am probably older, dumber and more easily confused than he. Thanks for very basic guidance.

Hi Gunnar,

Welcome to the community.

It looks like you are almost there, copying the files to your Nucleus.

It seems you’ve opened a window on your laptop and it’s showing the Nucleus internal storage. You should then open a second window and navigate to the music you want to copy. From there, just click/hold and drag it to the internal storage folder. Depending on how much you’re copying, it may take a while.

Let us know if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

I can open a window showing index of \nucleus\Data\Storage\InternalStorage. I can open another window showing the folders with the music files. I can drag the music folder. It shows an icon and +. When I drop it on the internal storage screen, that screen instantly switches to index of C\ with the origination address of the music files. And I get no indication that the files are being copied.

I assume you’re using a Windows laptop. Are you opening an Explorer Window to do the copying?

Sorry, I haven’t used Windows in years. Maybe someone else can jump in and help.

Cheers, Greg

Windows 10 and using File Explorer to find music folders. Then dragging from there to Internal Storage where they evaporate when dropped.

Try just one file and see if that works

Thanks for offering the help. I really do appreciate it.

When I drag one file from file explorer to internal storage and drop it, it opens a new tab and starts playing on my laptop.

I don’t have a nucleus but do use a rock as my core which is the same sort of thing.
Hmmm that doesn’t sound right.
Can you do it the other way round just to make sure you are mapping things right.
Create a new empty directory on your laptop and copy a file FROM your nucleus to it.
Rather than use drag and drop, right click on the file in the nucleus and select copy. Now go to the directory you created on your laptop and right click in the white space and select paste.

That worked. I was able to drag a single file from internal storage and drop it in a new folder on my laptop. Right clicking in internal storage did not give me copy option.

It should give you a copy option. Something is wrong.
Do you know how to take screenshots?

I could struggle and maybe do a screen shot, but faster to just list options showing. When I right click on a file in internal, I see open link in new window, open link in new tab, open link in incognito, save link as, copy link address

Ah - OK . After a little google search. You have opened up a view in “Internet Explorer” not “File Explorer”

On the keyboard there is a Windows key
Hold that down and press the E key. That will open up file explorer.

Type in where i have entered what you said you had put in earlier but with a double \\ before Nucleus

I’m off to bed now, will pick up tomorrow.

BREAKTHRU! Now when I drag and drop, I get message copying to internal storage. I should be able to manage from here.

Again thank you very much for taking the time to help me.


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