Need help diagnosing music dropouts

To be honest, I never did any AB testing between the two PC’s so I can’t say if it really mattered. Sorry.

Hopefully someone else can help you there. I’m just not the guy. Again, sorry.

Well, this is going to be my third strike… I don’t know. And I don’t have either the DAC, or the PS anymore. Traded them both on on a better DAC. But - and this may not be of much help - I think I recall it being center positive. Easy to test with a multimeter though. Just put the meter on DC voltage, plug in the MX DAC PS, stick the miltimeter’s red tip in the center of the PS’s tip, and put the black lead on the PS’s tip’s barrel. If you get a positive voltage reading, it’s center positive. Negative reading, then it’s barrel positive.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to reply - in case it’s of help for others I can confirm that it is indeed centre pin positive. I’ve decided to go through the dealer in the first instance to replace the faulty PSU and will then consider revisiting this. The linked LPS seems fine as far as I can see but would welcome any comments from those who know more about these things.

OOI, and if you don’t mind the question, what DAC did you go for? I recently got to hear a Hugo 2 and was very impressed but sadly am not looking to change.

I got a PS Audio Directstream Junior, aka PSA DSJ. PSA took the MX DAC w/SBooster as a trade in, knocking around $1200 off the price. I had a month or so to send in the MX DAC after the DSJ arrived, so I had the opportunity to do A/B listening. But I didn’t - the difference was so audible, I didn’t bother. The first thing I played through the DSJ resulted in a “Wow” moment. Had a similar effect on my wife, who had not been aware of the change, so there was no expectation bias. It’s a pretty audible improvement. If nothing else, the music is definitely more engaging.

Thanks - glad it worked out so well - looks like a seriously impressive DAC :grinning: