Need help for glitch? Eugen Jochum Boxset

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Please how can I solve this issue?

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Confusion with:

5-4 NS. Presto – Allegro Assai – Presto – Recititavo – Allegro Assai – Allegro Assai Vivace (Alle Marcia) – Andante Maestoso – Adagio Ma Non Troppo Ma Divoto – Allegro Energico E Semper Ben Marcato 23:59

13-4 NS. Finale: Allegro Moderato 23:43

or a second piece of music of a different origin on the hard drive?

Sorry Uwe, but do not understand what you mean exactly. Do you speak German?

Ja ich spreche Deutsch (Muttersprache)

Meine Vermutung war, das im Box-Set von der CD 5 der 4 Titel oder von der CD 13 der 4 Titel vertauscht sein könnten. Sind diese korrekt erkannt?

Zweite Idee: Es gibt tatsächlich noch eine Nr. 2 Op. 73 als Musikdatei, die aber hier falsch zugeordnet ist.

Yes I speak German (native language)

My guess was that in the box set from the CD 5 of the 4 tracks or from the CD 13 of the 4 tracks could be mixed up. Are these correctly identified?

Second idea: There is indeed another No. 2 Op. 73 as a music file, but it is incorrectly assigned here.

Danke, werde das mal überprüfen.

Leider keine Lösung gefunden.

Found no solution yet.

Incorrect structure of multi-part works is relatively common from the meta-data suppliers that roon uses. To fix it manually, you need to re-tag your local files with WORK and PART tags. This will require the use of a 3rd party file tagger. Popular choices are mp3tag for Windows and Yate for Mac, but there are others.

As you have local files this can usually be be manually fixed with additional WORK/PART tags but if it is streamed content from Qobuz or Tidal you will usually be out of luck and will need to make a request to roon or directly to roon’s metadata suppliers to fix the work hierarchy at source.

There are some guidelines from roon here:

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Hello @erho,

@Uwe_Albrecht and @tripleCrotchet have put you on the right course here. Please see the article that @tripleCrotchet shared as well as this one on tagging multi-part sets for proper display in Roon.


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