Need help for HDMI connection between Roon Nucleus plus and an AVR Onkyo TX-RZ830

The settings are shown in the images attached. In this setting, I got no sound at all. Could you please let me know what is the problem? Thanks!

Since there is no RZ830 in the provided list, I picked up the closest one instead.

Is the connection in audio settings via hdmi? Or usb?

Via HDMI :sweat_smile:

Please don’t do that. Just leave it as unknown/unidentified device and try again - maybe that is all what’s needed here.

Show us the actual core machines audio devices screen shot in Settings Audio

OK, I’ll do it. Thank you!

Thank you!

We are looking to show us this screen

Grab 2022-06-25 at  18.00.48

Hi guys,

The problem was partially solved when I set the channel layout to 2.0 from 7.1 in the device setup and the sound came out from the left & right speakers. Is that due to the audio source file that I used are 2.0? I’ll keep you posted once I get some DTS audio files to check whether they can be played with 5.1 or 7.1

stick to max 24bit for now

Please have a look below…

I see, thanks!

You may want to experiment with different settings for:


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I would disable all the ones you are not using…and then you might have some clarity on what is what…click the gear/cog icon and select disable

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Back to the original idea that I tried to test is to see how it sounds in multichannel setup :slightly_smiling_face: comparing to the 2.0 once I get the DTS audio files the day after tomorrow. :wink:

you can download some multichannel test files here → 2L High Resolution Music .:. free TEST BENCH

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Very informative! Thanks Wizardofoz and I’ll definitely do it.

haha! then I don’t have to wait… :grinning:

You might find that 5.1 comes out the rear and not surround channels if so you can swap them IIRC in the settings.

been a while since I used my surround processor on roon

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By the way, have you ever tried to let HQPlayer to do the upsampling for those 5.1 or 7.1 audio files?

The home theater system that I am currently using is 7.2.4. I am quite curious how it sounds comparing to stereo in music listening setup. My stereo system is way better than home theater system at the level of Streamer, DDC, DAC, pre-Amp and Amp. If this initial test turns out to be interesting then I might consider to upgrade TX830 for both multichannel music listening and definitely it will also improve Atoms effect in movie watch.