Need Help Getting Roon To Locate My Current USB Hard Drive Attached To Sonic Transporter i5

I recently removed a defective USB hard drive attached to my Sonic Transporter i5 and copied all 7 TB onto a brand new hard drive. I attached the new drive to the back of my Sonic Transporter i5. Then I used the Sonic Orbiter (version 2.8) software to mount the hard drive to the Sonic Transporter i5. I Rebooted the system afterwards, and then I opened up Roon. I navigated to Settings->Storage. I added the recommended folders “storage” and “usbdrive”. That should have gotten Roon started to scan the new hard drive–but nothing happened. Roon still thinks the old hard drive is still attached to the Sonic Transporter. How do I get Roon to recognize and scan the new hard drive? Thanks for your help in advance.

Did you re-boot the SonicTransporter after connecting the new hard drive? I had something similar happen to mine and when I re-booted the new drive showed as connected.

Thanks for writing. I did reboot the SonicTransporter (ST) after mounting the drive. I think I mentioned that in my original post. Since then, I have mounted the drive and rebooted the ST many times just to cover my bases. But it still doesn’t show up on Roon. It’s probably a simple step I’m forgetting. I’ve written to Andrew at SGC to see if he can help figure it out.

Go to mysonicorbiter, then you see your SonicTransorter. Click on manage and go to settings. Then to drive mounter and you’ll see your harddisk. Go to USB and select the harddrive and click save changes. That worked for me.

Thanks for writing. You’ve beautifully described the process of how to “mount” a hard drive to the SonicTransporter. You have to “reboot” the system to complete the setup. I have done those steps many times over, and I still can’t get Roon to recognize the new hard drive.

Can you post a screenshot of your current settings: storage page?

I don’t have any idea why it says 13 tracks imported. There are over 7 TB of music on my new hard drive

Just a thought….
Where your path says usb drive…is there another folder for the music content after that or no?

Only ask as I do have it set up one folder past yours but might not be relevant at all.

Can you see all those files from say windows explorer?
And is the file path the same as the one you have added to Roon?

No, there are no additional folders after “usbdrive”.

How would I “see all those files from Internet Explorer(or Safari in my case)”?

And I didn’t understand your last question at all.

I have no experience using a web browser as my visual choice to see what’s going on in ROON.

I mean when you view that drive from your network browser is the file path it shows the same as you added for storage in Roon?
So last question depends on seeing it from second question.

Since I’m not super computer savvy, I would need detailed instructions as to how to access that hard drive from a browser. I use Mac gear. Without that, I can’t answer your questions. Sorry.