Need help migrating from Windows 10 Roon Core

Hi. Have plugged in my Nucleus, Connected the ethernet cable, Updated software and formatted an internal Crucial ssd drive via the web interface, So far so good. Now I need to migrate my database from a Windows 10 machine previously running the Core to the Nucleus. The knowledge base says to open up explorer and type in “%localappdata%” to find the excisting database to delete or rename before copying over to the Nucleus however when I do so all I get is a web page of queries concerning hidden files in Widows?. Am I missing something or got it wrong (Perhaps it should be the system explorer). Silly question but do I copy the database file over before my music files? also how can I find the Crucial ssd in explorer to copy and past.

Is this the file " C__Users_Terry_AppData_Local_Roon_Application_Roon_exe " to delete came up after searching " %appdata " and not " %localappdata% ". Would it not be easier to uninstall Roon then download the remote app?. Just a thought. Have also found the answer on finding the internal hard drive via network.

you should not copy the file manually – you should backup the windows roon database and restore it on the nucleus.

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