Need help searching tidal


The search functionality in Roon for Tidal tracks is horrible. I am searching for the newly released guns n roses song. Called shadow of your love. It comes up quickly if I search in tidal but can’t find it by searching for either

Shadow of your love
Guns n roses
Guns n roses shadow of your love
Guns shadow of your love

I tried saving it as a favourite in the Tidal iPhone app and then looking in my favourite in Roon but this didn’t work

How do I find this song??? How does searching get better for tidal in the app. Why doesn’t it mirror the Tidal app?

I am using iPhone app to run trough Mac mini core

Like this? Not sure why you’re not seeing this result. BTW, tagging @support in the title may not work.

Doesn’t show on the iPhone app

Also doesn’t work when I search using my Mac mini

Shows up as third result when searching no my laptop or iPad:

Could the fact that I am in Canada have any effect? I have been searching many ways on both my iPhone and Mac mini through roon and no luck but have no issue finding in tidal apps on both

There is actually only two guns n roses albums that appear in tidal through roon

It’s most likely a regional issue. Newly released music sometimes takes a couple of days to show up in Roon.

I’m in Canada and I can’t find it in Roon either.

Give it a day or two and see if it shows.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg - unfortunate glitch

Are you able to see other GNr albums in roon. Just curious if it is my issue or a Canadian issue

iPhone has similar results. But I couldn’t see it under TIDAL > New, so maybe it takes a while to propagate across the TIDAL network. It was released today.

Must be regional, I get a lot more than two albums:

Yup, I have 1 in my library and 9 albums available from Tidal. From Artist View:

There’s one Single from Tidal available too.

Actually, there’s a Tidal version available for the one in my library, so there’s 10 albums available from Tidal (for Canada).

Cheers, Greg

Hi Josh,

Try your search now.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks the song is there now. Appreciate your help