Need Help to stream DSD to SD3100HV

@jussi_laako Thank you for your expert explanation. I was looking forward to a new PC to upsample from Roon Radio/HQPlayer to ASDM7EC DSD 1024. Now I know it is impossible with the present series of CPU available in the market.

Love the music from ASDM7EC ext2 DSD 512. Wonder how the music from ASDM7EC ext2 DSD 1024 would be!!!

Hopefully in the near future, the power of the CPU is at least able to upsample from Roon Radio/HQPlayer to ASDM7EC DSD 512 in realtime.

A BIG thank you to all for the insight to this topic.

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@jussi_laako @Larry_HV A year have passed and I have just found a server from Europe that according to the manufacturer is powerful enough to upsample 44.1kHz to ASDM7EC DSD1024 on the fly. He claims that the server is i9 processor, 10 cores, 20 threads, 32GB industrial memory and extreme low latency. He will download Roon and HQPlayer for me. As the overall cost with shipping and 10% local tax in my country amount close to Euros 20K is a lot of money. I come here to seek your advice before I proceed to close the deal with him.
Thank you for your supports.

I would be very curious to see such. With ASDM7 no problem, but with ASDM7EC would be really something…

I’m using a Core i9 9900K (8x3.6 GHz) and a GeForce RTX2080 with ASDM7 - working well and stable with DSD1024.

ASDM7EC is a different thing however…

For this price and for it to work at DSD1024 with EC modulators it must have an extraordinary custom CPU cooling solution.

The CPU lives in a liquid nitrogen bath?

Can you share details / photos of the CPU cooling he provides?


@jussi_laako @Larry_HV @Rugby @dabassgoesboomboom
I am very thankful to all you gentlemen for your supports/advice.
Yes, the owner of the company has confirm that the server can upsample without problem from Flac 44,1kHz with HQPlayer poly-sine-ext2 ASM7EC to DSD1024. This is a 3 boxes server system 80kg.

Wow. Does he have photos of a past build?

Especially the CPU cooling part?

This is a world’s first if his claim is true.

I have written to him today to have his software engineer test the real-time upsampling of Flac 44.1kHz with HQPlayer poly-sine-ext2 ASM7EC to DSD1024 with no lagging, stuttering or dropout from Tidal or Qobuz as this is what I want the server to do.

Connection by LAN. JCAT XE OCXO dual LAN NET CARD.

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![image|231x500](upload://y3qifp4eYC74vUYRnnwpprtuZA1.jpeg) ![image|231x500](upload://1bJVZSoq68mDQvE2jytLSCQXPLe.jpeg) ![image|231x500](upload://ar1Tzr6SvjEpx5I4pquWhk1PuiA.jpeg)

Info from website

@jussi_laako @Larry_HV @dabassgoesboomboom @Rugby @Scotav
Hi Gentlemen, this is what I wrote to the owner of Pachanko Labs.

“Dear Mr Chan,
I love to be your customer. Yesterday I spent time on the Audiophile Style forum on “Best CPU for HQPlayer” and other forums concerning HQPlayer upsampling.
Have your software engineer tested the real-time upsampling of Flac 44.1kHz with HQPlayer poly-sine-ext2 ASM7EC to DSD1024 with no lagging, stuttering or dropouts from Tidal or Qobuz as this is what I want the server to do.

I received the following message from Mr. Chan

“ As i told you on my previous mail yes. The constellation masterpiece is very powerful and no lagging at all concerning upsampling with HQplayer. We use it also with Diretta protocole which is the best audio protocole we have heard until now.“

Should I go ahead and close the deal with him with full payment? Any advice or suggestions I should take? Thanks :pray:

Is it possible to try out the server at their premises or purchase it with option for returning it in case it doesn’t perform like you’d want?

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As you can get from the hints from others, there are doubts they have EC working.

I suspect ASDM7 is working for them.

I would personally ask for a 5 minute phone video recording which shows:

  1. ASDM7EC DSD1024 with music playing
  2. Simultaneously captures the audio of the same music playing from speakers, to listen for dropouts / stuttering

Hmm, not sure how this matters, as, HQPLAYER’s protocol handles transmission from the server to the Endpoint.

I have had a ton of conversations where the user has them confused.

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The case looks pretty common. Not the liquid nitrogen bath I was expecting for CPU cooling!