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I have arc working fine. when I select a suggested playlist and hit play i get a message the qobuz is not logged in. Does arc only work with a qobuz account? what about tidal?
I can login to qobuz and stream from bluOs app and from a stand alone qobuz app on any device but roon wont stream any music even tho i am logged in

Roon ARC will stream your local Roon files in addition to Tidal and/or Qobuz. If at home, it can connect to your network via WIFI. When away from home, it connects via your phone cellular service. For this to work, you need to set up port forwarding on your home router unless the Roon 2.0 installation did that automatically. On your Roon control, go to Settings - Roon ARC to see if it’s connected.

I have arc working with port forwarding. I just keep getting an error that im not logged into qobuz.
Even though i can access qobuz music any other way. All except anything roon related.

Maybe you need to go into Roon (not Roon ARC) and under Settings - Services, log out and back into Qobuz. If that doesn’t work, maybe log in and out of your Qobuz account outside of Roon.

i will tryy that