Need Help with DLNA and Roon for friend

Hi Guys my friend has Roon the latest one. He has windows 10. How do I set up Roon to be a DLNA and stream what Roon is playing to his phone? Please Respond with all and any help. I cant find out how to setup DLNA on Roon. What setting do you do to enable DLNA in Roon software

Roon does not have a DLNA based delivery. What type of phone? Enable the phone under Settings>Audio and if you have a compatible smartphone it should be able to access Roon. This is the screen from my iphone Xr currently playing a track.

Here’s a good place for new user information.

Further to the above, your friend needs to download and install the Roon app for his phone first before Roon can use it for playback and as a remote.

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