Need help with Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus Serial number 54B20383930B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Luxul Router and switch currently working with a Nucleus Plus in this setup.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

This unit has been sent in for repair before.
Roon Server will not start.

Nucleus Plus is disconnected when trying to get the Nucleus online.

No music Library or connected audio devices until I can get core to run correctly.

Hi @Bruce_Sinclair,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having connectivity issues with the Nucleus. Thank you for your patience, as I know it’s trying to be without a functioning Core. I have a few questions to help equip the tech support team to troubleshoot most efficiently:

  1. Can you please post a screenshot of your Nucleus Web Administration interface?

  2. What happens if you try a Database + Settings Reset via the WebUI?

  3. Is your Nucleus connected to the router/switch using a wired connection?

I’ll be watching for your response, and we’ll proceed from there to pin down the issue.

Yes a wired connection

Database plus settings reset no change

  1. See attached
  2. No change
  3. wired

Hi @Bruce_Sinclair,

I do apologize for the delay, but we need to clarify which device we’re troubleshooting here, as we’ve pulled logs for the Nucleus+ synced with your Roon account and couldn’t find the source of the issue. We have the full RMA history for the unit in your post (SN# 54B20383930B), but it doesn’t appear to be the unit in your setup.

It would greatly expedite the troubleshooting process if you could instruct the customer/owner to pass on a set of their device logs to our team. Would you please let them know to use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader? Please let us know the filename once they’ve uploaded, so we can identify the correct set of logs.

Once we’re diagnosing the correct Nucleus+, it shouldn’t take long to pinpoint the problem.

This unit originally belonged to a customer who had trouble with it. In order to expedite things, I replaced his unit with a new one. The Nucleus I received back from him was troubleshot and eventually returned to Roon and a drive was determined to be the issue and replaced and returned to me. After receiving the Nucleus back from Roon, it was attempted to install it for a new customer to which we got the Roon server failed to start message. So here we are. It is not a unit in my setup, I am simply trying to get it to run correctly so it can be sold.

Hey @Bruce_Sinclair,

Understood, that all makes perfect sense. We’re more than happy to help out in any case.

We just need to have a look at the customer’s logs in that case, since we’re only able to access logs for the unit registered in your name from this topic thread. If you have the email address that the customer uses to login to Roon, please let me know and I will open a private message thread where you can share that information. We’ll use the email to access logs from the backend to diagnose their unit.

Otherwise, if you’re able to instruct the user to upload logs to our File Uploader using these instructions, we’ll get their Nucleus+ diagnosed and back to working condition as soon as possible.

I don’t believe this unit is currently assigned to any account. What can we do here at my place to get this unit running? If it eventually needs to be returned, maybe we should skip all else and get an RMA started.

Hi @Bruce_Sinclair,

Copy that. If the SSD is failing, the diagnostic logs from the device would provide the smoking gun, but what we can do is try to rule out a software/networking issue by eliminating variables one at a time.

Since you’ve tried resetting the database and settings via the Web Administration page, I recommend you also try to reinstall the operating system on the same page. Let me know if Roon Server starts normally with the unit hardwired via ethernet.

If you’re unable to start Roon Server after taking this step, we can open up a Private Message and proceed with shipping instructions to have our team inspect the unit on a bench.

Can’t you simply install it on your account as a second Nucleus with a different name?

I will try reloading the operating system this evening.

Pretty sure that you can only have one Nucleus per account as it will ask if you wish to disable one to continue with a different core.

You can have 10 if you want, but you can only authorize one at a time. I’ve been considering buying a second Nucleus as a backup.

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Hi @Bruce_Sinclair,

It’s certainly an option to deactivate your Nucleus+ and temporarily activate the Core from the second Nucleus+ on your account to send logs.

You’d need to deactivate your own Core when prompted while connecting to the second Nucleus+ from a Remote. I recommend performing a backup first. You can learn more in this Help Center article and we’re happy to answer any questions.

when troubleshooting the bad Nucleus, I disconnect the one I use in my system. It has over 23000 albums on it so I don’t want to mess around with things at all.

Hi @Bruce_Sinclair,

If you’ve had a chance to try the reinstall of the operating system, I’m curious if it’s even temporarily restored connectivity. We’re standing by with next steps in the event Roon Server still won’t start.

After reinstalling the operating system, the Roon server appears to be working. To be sure I removed power from the Nucleus, let it sit unpowered for some time and powered it back up. Now it seems to be operating correctly.

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Great to hear @Bruce_Sinclair. This thread will auto-close after several days, but please reach out in a new topic should the issue return.

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