Need help with Roon dropouts! [solved]

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to solve a vexing problem with Roon. It skips several times during a track, sometimes just causing a half-second dropout, sometimes stopping playback (and requiring me to press play to restart it), and sometimes fast-forwarding to the next track.

I’m using the sonicTransporter i5 to run Roon Core. The signal then goes to two TP-Link ethernet-to-fiber-optic converters, then to the ultraRendu, then to the Singxer SU-1, then (via AES cable) to a Totaldac D1-direct (But the system skips with other DACs too.) The network is a wired connection. My router is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900. I’m not using a switch. The sonicTransporter is connected via a USB2 cable to an external spinning-disk hard drive from Fantom with about 19,000 tracks. The dropouts happen with both local and Tidal files and across all sampling rates.

Restarting everything, clearing Roon’s cache, using Roon to disconnet from the sonicTransporter, etc, doesn’t help.

Would really appreciate your help, @support and @dipin



Are these other DACS plugged into the same data chain? have you tried plugging a dac directly into the transporter via USB?

Nope, only one DAC at a time.

And no, I haven’t tried a direct USB connection. Will do.

Sorry I meant, were they used in place of the Totaldac in your chain.
i.e. Transporter>TP-Link>ultraRendu>Singxer SU-1> “DAC”

Thanks for reaching out, @Alex_Halberstadt,

If you remove the ultraRendu from the chain and connect a device directly to the sonicTransporter do you experience this same behavior?

Do you ever receive any error messages during the dropouts?

Can you share a screenshot of the signal path when playing to the this device?


Hi Dylan—

Thanks so much for your response. It appears that one of the fiber-optic converters was causing the dropouts.

I replaced it with a new unit, and all is well again.

Thank you again,

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After changing both my wireless network and DAC I was plagued with dropouts recently. To make a long story short I took Andrew’s from Small Green Computers suggestion to insert a Trendnet switch between my router and my hardwired i5 and dCS Upsampler. With those devices plugged directly into my Orbi router or into a TPlink switch I was getting constant dropouts. For some reason the Trendnet switch immediately resolved the issue.

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