Need help with setup. Roon or RoonServer?

I have one windows server and mostly don’t need to control or output music on the server, but sometimes I want to. That make me think that a Roon Server and a Roon Remote should be installed on the server, because I mostly don’t need any GUI. But there is not a separate Roon Control for Windows ?

In addition a will have one Roon Bride to output music from the Roon Server to my living room and several Roon Controller devices

Need help to understand the setup here.

If you are ever going to need a GUI on the Windows Server, then you need to install RoonCore.

Think of Core as “RoonServer+GUI”

What happens when I shut down the GUI ? Is the server running in the background ?

No, the server would shut down. But you could just minimise the app.

Really ??? That is just stupid … The Roon guys cannot have created a silly solution as that ?

Why is it stupid?

They developed RoonServer to run headless for those running server machines. The architecture is that you use Remotes to access the library.

Your use case is that you want a GUI on your server, so install RoonCore, set it as the server and don’t exit the app.

Decide what you want to do.

It’s stupid to be forced to run a GUI 100% of the time just to be able to use it for 5% of the time. Waste of resources

The solution should be a Roon Remote for Windows that I just execute when I need it. Unbelieveable that this option is missing.

Why would you ever want to use a GUI on a server? That’s “unbelievable”. :wink:

It’s not missing. You can install RoonServer and Roon side by side on the same machine. Only open Roon when you want to configure RoonServer using that machine and otherwise use a tablet, phone or other Remote.

Because the server is located in my home theater, and sometime I play music there and don’t want to take the laptop with me.

Yes, I see the ‘Choose your library’ option now. That will work ( installing the core two times though), maybe it should be more clear described in the overview ?

It’s more like capacity to be a Core rather than Core. It’s not a common situation because usually people have at least one other Control, or are content to run the GUI on that machine.

Nice, RoonAppliance.exe is now executing without any GUI and is currently indexing my local audio files. Nice.


I currently run Roon on my NUC ( I’m running Roon since the start :wink: ; but would like to change that to Roon Server - so without gui

What is the best way to change this, (while not loosing my data, like “plays counter”) ? Just Uninstall and Install Roon Server or should I take another approach?

Check Move library to RoonServer

Cheers, Greg


Thanks Greg!