Need help with updating USBridge

I’m not a computer expert so I don’t understand the steps to update DietPi on my Sparky/USBridge which arrived an hour ago.

The setup went well and in System Settings there’s a message that a new update is available. So far everything’s OK to me but I can’t understand the instructions how to update (see below):

How do I update?:
To ensure stability and control of updates, they must be completed in the Linux terminal.

Log into the system (HDMI/SSH):

** user = root*
** password = dietpi*

Run the update:

** Run the command dietpi-update*
** Follow the onscreen instructions to update the system.*
** Once completed, reboot the system. The device will now be running the latest version of DietPi.*

  • NB: DietPi checks for updates daily, and during boot. If the update is not available, please reboot the system.

I really don’t know what login to HDMI/SSH means. Can somebody explain me what the steps are for a complete novice?


If you are using Windows you need to download a windows program Putty to use SSH. When you run that program in Windows it asks you username and password. After you entered that you put dietpi-update after that and hit enter. Then read what it’s saying on your screen. That’s all. It’s quiet simple, allthough it looked for me the first time abracadabra.

Btw, honestly I think you don’t have to update dietpi, cause it may cause problems bigger then htere are. If the USBridge is working correctly I advise not to update unless you read on the forum here it works allright. I bricked my USBridge several times, cause of updating Dietpi.

Thanks, I’ll ignore the update…

Next problem is that Roon does not play via USBridge…

In DietPi System Setting it is enabled. Settings menu in Roon says:

I used RaspBerry Pi met Ropiee before and that’s working out of the box I must say…)

Yeah, that’s why I sold mine. Tired of all the messing up.
Did you put your usb-dac in the right usb? There’s one for audio, you have to use.
In the set-up screen I think you have to enable AVM A30 USB Audio. Not the atm7059_link.

That did the job! Thanks again.
I’m on Mac so I’ll look for an Putty alternative for updating (once) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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On a Mac just open terminal in the applications/utilities folder.

At the terminal prompt type ssh root@ipaddress then enter the password of dietpi

Answer yes to the fingerprint question, but you will need to know the IP address. This is currently as per your screen shot

Thanks, it worked :sweat:

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Now you are geek material hahahaha

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